The Best and Worst April Fools Jokes from Big Technology Companies in 2019

Large technology companies continued the tradition of controversial April fools in 2019.
Large technology companies continued the tradition of controversial April fools in 2019.

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April is finally here, which means it is time for corporations to put an impressive effort into the comedy. April Fools Day always brings the best (or worst) in tech companies, in particular, and the 2019 vacation release was not different.

This year, at least one large technology company has deliberately spoken on the April Fools Day. Here's what they came up with.

Google goes all out

This year, Google (and Google-related companies) won the April Fools Day in terms of net volume. The company has compiled several different gag product announcements, including a video showing the new "Screen Cleaner" feature in Mobile Files. Think about it as a wiper for your phone, except that it's a fake.

In addition, Google threw another joke on the wall to see if it would stick in the form of Google Tulip. The idea is that your Google Home device can now talk to flowers. If that wasn't enough, Google added a playable version Snake video games to Google Maps.

Finally, Google's cousin under the alphabet in Waymo announced a ride-sharing service for pets called, Properly, Waymo Pet.

Amazon appeals to aquatic life

Audible, an audiobook service run by Amazon, went "humorously useless product" route this year with Audible for Fish. It's exactly what it sounds like: an audiobook experience for aquatic animals who are not really interested in audiobooks.

To top it all off, the audiobook is only three seconds long.

Joke Spotify is actually good

Spotify Discocover Weekly playlist for April Fools 2019.

Spotify Discocover Weekly playlist for April Fools 2019.

Image: alex perry / mashable

If this is like a good oak fool's corporate joke, Spotify is approaching this year. Typically, the music streaming service generates "Discover Weekly" lists for each of their users, consisting of new music they would like to listen to based on what they usually like.

For April Fools Day, Spotify has compiled a "Discocover Weekly" playlist that is largely disco covered by non-disco songs. Disco cover original Star Trek The theme, in particular, is a good choice. It is honestly the worst playlist in the world.

Microsoft takes the position

That's all Microsoft's Fool's Day business.

That's all Microsoft's Fool's Day business.

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Microsoft has taken a different approach this year. An internal report sent to Microsoft employees last week explicitly asked them not to make any jokes in 2019 to meet in April. .

"I appreciate that people could devote time and resources to these activities, but I believe we should more than lose if we try to be funny on this day," wrote marketing officer Chris Caposella in a note.

Netflix, Prime Video pander to sentiment against April

In a similar place, the official Twitter accounts belonging to two streaming services played the idea that people could be tired of April Fools corporate jokes. Of course, tweets have downloaded a double obligation because of the ads on the show on their respective streaming services.

Honorable Mention: Slime Review

Blake Shelton soaked in the green slime of Nickelodeon.

Blake Shelton soaked in the green slime of Nickelodeon.

Image: Jeff Kravitz / FilmMagic

Our friends have taken a break from their daily duties to join the Shenanigans in April. They put together a comprehensive overview guide for all the different types of slime that is required to be useful to someone.

For example, Nickelodeon's iconic slime was named "Messiest Slime".

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