The CBI case against former ICICI chief Chanda Kochhar

NEW DELHI: CBI booked former ICICI Chief Executive Officer Chandy Kochhara, Deepak Kochhara's husband and Videocon MD Venugopal Dhoot in connection with alleged frauds and bank irregularities approved by the bank in 2012, officials said.

The agency searched on several locations, including the Videocon offices in Mumbai and Aurangabad, the Nupower Renewables Pvt Limited branches operated by Deepak Kochhar, and Supreme Energy after registering the case.

"The accusation has been accused that some loans have provided private companies with a criminal plot against others who have cheated ICICI," a CBI spokesman said.

Besides Chanda, her husband Deepak and Dhoot, the agency also appointed Nupower Renewables, Supreme Energy, Videocon International Electronics Ltd and Videocon Industries, who were accused in the FIR registered in the IPC sections in connection with a criminal plot and provisions on the prevention of corruption acts, they said.

It is alleged that Videocon Venugopal Dhoot allegedly invested rupee rupees into Nupower months after Videocon received a loan from ICICI Bank in 2012 of CZK 3,250.

This move comes ten months after the CBI registered a preliminary question (PE) against Videocon Venugopal Dhoot, Deepak Kochhar and unidentified next March last year, they said.

PE is the predecessor before the agency submits to the FIR to investigate allegations of crime on the basis of evidence gathered during its previous performance.

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