Windows 10 activation bug deflectors, angers users

Microsoft is reportedly working to fix an error on its activation server, which has caused Windows 10 Pro computers to report that their licenses have not been activated.

The issue has caused panic for some Windows 10 users who reported on Reddit that the error "deactivated" Windows because the computer switched from Pro to home, and these licenses did not respond.

"Suddenly, after years of having this key coming from Windows 8 Pro then migrating to Windows 10 for free, I got the announcement that my key is Windows 10 Home and I have to install it. wrote another user about the growing Reddit thread.

Another user with the same problem wrote, "I just happened, I had a physical key of Windows 8.1 Pro and a year ago I activated it / upgraded to Windows 10 Pro."

Microsoft has allegedly confirmed a problem that affects its activation server and is working on a fix that will become "one or two business days".

This should mean that the Windows 10 Pro licenses are still valid, despite what Microsoft is reporting.

DanielRandy's Windows 10 User has posted his activation problem on the Microsoft Answers Forum and published a quote that says it comes from a Microsoft agent.

"Microsoft has just released a recently released announcement about the current issue of activation related to Pro, which is happening in Japan, Korea, America and many other countries," the support agent wrote.

"I'm sorry to inform you that Microsoft's activation server is a temporary issue, and some customers may experience this issue where Windows is shown as inactive, and our engineers work tirelessly to resolve this issue, repair within one to two business days, Daniel. "

Similar reports reported from Microsoft support agents have been posted on other threads related to the problem.

However, @MicrosoftHelps on Twitter was simply points to users on the standard troubleshooting activation support page.

In response to one user who reported an activation problem 10 hours ago, @MicrosoftHelps he said there are "no known license deactivation issues".

Since then, he has asked the users concerned for further details in a direct report. This at least indicates that Microsoft is investigating.

According to Computerworld, German readers of Günter Born's website have described the problem in more detail:

"At least Windows is no longer enabled after upgrading the test machine. An activation troubleshooter detects the Windows 10 Pro digital license and reports the need to improve the release, but the next upgrading process stops immediately and the activation does not take place …

EventID 8198:

The license activation (slui.exe) failed with the following error code:

hr = 0xC004C003 "

ZDNet contacts Microsoft and updates the story if it receives a response.


It appears that Windows 10 Pro reports an error that their licenses have not been activated.

Image: FaiKee / Twitter

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