7 Portrait of Dharma Mangkuluhuru, Tommy Suharta's son and Taty Cahyani, who are now starting to grow up

TRIBUNNEWS.COM – As the son of Soeharta, the former second president of Indonesia, the name Tommy Suharto has often become a public interview.

Especially when Tommy Suharto decided to divorce his wife, Regita Cahyani Soejosoebandoro aka Tata Cahyani.

After divorcing Tommy Soeharto, the life of Tatya Cahyani and her two sons, Dharma Mangkuluhur and Gayanti Hutami, were rarely re-exposed.

Tata Cahyani married Tommy Soeharto, the youngest child of Indonesian President Soeharta in 1997.

Since his marriage, he has been blessed by two children, Dharma Mangkuluhuro and Gayanti Hutami.

Unfortunately, their marriage lasted a very long time, because they decided to separate in 2006.

Both divorces were surrounded by a war conflict that was quite hot in the community.

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