8 traditional drugs to naturally get rid of ovarian cysts, what is it?

TRIBUNJAKARTA.COM, JAKARTA – A cyst is a disease that is quite a disaster for most women.

Diseases that affect the reproductive organs are quite fatal.

A disease that is cystic and contains dense fluids, which can change like pus, air, or other materials.

In general, cysts are benign tumors, but it is possible that ovarian cysts can be malignant, such as cancer.

Some severe cases of ovarian cysts require surgical treatment to remove the cyst.

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If ovarian cysts are still in the early stages, you can treat them with traditional traditional medicines.

This is how you can get rid of ovarian cysts using traditional medicine, which TribunJakarta summarizes from various sources:

1. God’s crown

Containing active substances in the divine crown in the form of alcohols, polyphenols, saponins, which have an antibacterial role and increase immunity and vitality, as well as the presence of flavonoids, which are anti-inflammatory to reduce swelling pain.

You can prepare the ingredients of the crown of the gods as follows: 30 grams of leaves of the crown of the gods mixed with 50 grams of mango and 5 grams of dried crowns of the gods.

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