Addiction, Facebook is considered smoking, SOLO – Social Facebook networks are called to have an opiate effect for users. In fact, the effects of opiates in Facebook are compared with nicotine substances in cigarettes. This statement was delivered by a billionaire and Salesforce Marc Benioff, CEO of Salesforce.

Marc Benioff believes that Facebook has caused many people to addictions and has a negative impact on users. "Facebook is like a cigarette, Facebook can add users to addiction, and that's clearly not good," he said Bussines Insider, Saturday (17.11.2018).

Marc Benioff added, the government should be involved in overseeing the use of Facebook. The government must introduce specific regulations to oversee the use of Facebook. In addition, most Facebook users are children.

"The role of the government to regulate the use of Facebook is very much needed, as well as imposing strict rules on the cigarette industry.implementing strict regulations in the technology industry, especially Facebook. Because Facebook has a negative effect that makes addiction like cigarettes, "Marc Benioff continued.

At the beginning of 2018, Facebook announced the number of active users that reached 2.1 billion accounts. This figure has increased compared to the previous year. One day there are around 1.4 billion active accounts that communicate on Facebook. This success makes Facebook one platform the largest social media.

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