After accompanying Irwan Mussy's foreign office, Maia Estianty records the "Perfect Life"

TRIBUNNEWS.COM – Maia Estiant's musician confessed she was exhausted after being accompanied by her husband, Irwan Mussry, who served abroad.

After being officially married to Irwan Mussry, it seems Maia Estianty will faithfully accompany her husband on various occasions in her office.

Just like yesterday on Thursday (11/15/2018), what Maia Estainty did.

After giving her husband a birthday surprise in the morning, Maia Estianty and Irwan Mussry flew to Hong Kong to take part in a new watch from Tudor Watch.

It is known that Irwan Mussry is a luxury hourly businessman who oversees Time International in Indonesia.

After visiting the event, Maia Estianty returned to Indonesia to shoot Indonesian Idol Junior.

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After making the makeup, she appeared as a judge for the events, Maia Estianty said she was exhausted.

"Even when jetlag, tired, weak, lethargic, but still beautiful, it was exhausted with Dean. Thank you," said Maia Estianty of Insta Story.

Even though Maia Estianty was tired, she seemed to show her a happy smile.

After recording his beliefs, if he was exhausted, Maia Estiantas has now written a sentence of perfect life.

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