Apple Remove WhatsApp Stickers from the App Store, Here's the Problem – VIVA

VIVA – Since WhatsApp launched Stickers last month, it immediately captured the hearts of users with feelings chat more diverse. Until now, many free content tags have been decorated with WhatsApp chat sites.

But there is a problem between WhatsApp and App Store, the app download platform for Apple devices, for the sticker's vivid feature.

Notification MirrorOn Monday, November 19, 2018, Apple removed some WhatsApp labels from the App Store. But no explanations are explained.

According to WABetaInfo, Apple has three reasons to remove the label application. He claims that WhatsApp "violated the guidelines".

WABetaInfo tweeted: Main reason: 1. There are too many applications with similar behaviors.

2. This requires a third party to install it, although it should not require another application.

3. The design of this application is the same.

It's still unclear what WhatsApp wants to solve this problem.

Maybe many users hope that WhatsApp will integrate more stickers into the application itself, so there's no need to download external applications.

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