Ariel Noah and Luna Maya asked to turn on, really Ariel, until crying forgot the past?

SURYA.CO.ID – Dara is a song written by Ariel Noem during a prison in Kebon Waru as a result of immoral video with Luna Maya and Cut Tari.

Dara's song was first introduced in April 2011 as a solo project.

He was officially released on Ariel's 30th birthday on September 16, 2011 at the Musica Studios in Kebon Waru prison.

Initially, this song was called Maya, referring to Luna Maya's anxiety, Ariel's Lover, when this song was written.

That's why the audience often sings the name (Luna) Maya when Ariel Noah sings the song Dara.

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As in the action phase of Ariel Noah at the completion of the event at AEON Mall BSD City on Sunday (January 18, 2018).

At that time, Ariel seemed to wear his face when he wanted to sing the song Dara.

Ariel Noah's appearance at that time was successfully captured by many netizens.

In the middle of the stage, one of the spectators screamed.

"Mayo, do not be sad, Mayo," one of the spectators cried.

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