Bolt allowed threatened to be canceled due to Nunggak BHP? – The Ministry of Communications and Information (MSCA) has sent license holders notice on the use of BPH frequencies at 2.3 GHz, including PT First Media and PT Internux (Bolt Service Providers).

Two companies under the auspices of the Lippo Group have not paid their 2.3 GHz BHP radio bills from 2016 to 2018. In fact, the maturity date is November 17 of each year.

Both arrears reached 708.4 billion Rp, including fines. In this case, First Media reached IDR 364.8 billion and Bolt owed IDR 343.5 billion.

First Media and Bolt are both threatening to abolish the 2.3 GHz radio frequency license if they do not pay BHP and fines on November 17, 2018.

This is in line with Article 83 (1) of Kominfo No 9 of 2018 on operating provisions for the use of radio spectrum.

In an official statement on Saturday (September 11, 2018), the Ministry of Communications and Information issued several warning letters and called on organizers who did not pay the 2.3 GHz frequency of BHP to coordinate the arrears.

The Ministry of Communications and Information has also issued a notice to the organizers that they will take a strategic step in relocating customers to telecom operators if the organizers do not satisfy their BHP and sanctions until maturity.

"Cancellation of this authorization is made after the IPFR holder receives 3 (three) warning letters and does not return all BHP for radio frequencies for the annual IPFR and the fine is within 24 months of the radiopharmaceutical BHP due date, not later than November 17, 2018 "said the acting President of the Ministry of Communications and the Public Relations Information Office Ferdinand Setu in his official statement.

Just keep in mind that the first media has an operating area in northern Sumatra, Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, Bekasi and Banten. Meanwhile, Bolta's operating areas are Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, Bekasi and Banten.

Ministry of Communications and Information The Ministry of Communications and Information published a performance evaluation report for BWA 2.3GHz organizers.

The report outlines the results of the telecommunications operators' ratings on 2.3GHz (BHP) licensing charges for radio frequencies.

Surprisingly, it is clear from the report that PT First Media and PT Internux (Bolt) still have arrears to pay for the license to use the 2.3 Ghz frequency.

From 2016 to 2017, First Media has not paid a BHP authorization fee of Rp 364.8 billion. In fact, the maturity of each year is 17.11.

And not only that, PT Internux, as Bolt's service provider, is also in delay for BHP authorization fees for up to two years. Bolt's total arrears amounted to Rp 343.5 billion.

Overall, they both still have obligations to pay to the government at Rp 708.4 billion.

Not only holders of First Media and Bolt licenses that are still in BHP's delay are PT Jasnita Telekomindo. Companies operating in northern Sulawesi have also not paid BPH for two years.

Total AT arrears PT Brightness reached 2.1 billion Rp.

In fact, under Article 34 (1) of Act No 36 of 1999 on telecommunications and Article 29 (1) of the PP No 53 of 2000 on the use of radio frequency spectrum and satellites in orbit, each radio frequency spectrum user for telecommunications to enjoy the right to use the radio frequency spectrum.

In this case, this means that First Media, Bolt and PT Jasnita have to pay the BHP Department for Communications and Information because they have used the 2.3 GHz frequency.

Reporter: Agustin Setyo Wardani [idc]

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