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TRIBUNMANADO.CO.ID – It is easy to smash a lot, although it is not sporting, the cause is not sex, especially men.

Symptoms of excessive sweating are generally labeled with clothing that is easily wet after exercise for 5 minutes, walking in a few steps, swirling sweat, or the keyboard on the computer a little wet because of the palms that have a lot of scrubs.

According to a new research published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology, many or little sweat that emerges has nothing to do with sex.

What Causes Excessive Sweating? According to general science, sweat rinses when the body tries to cool the temperature.

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But scientists are trying to figure out what makes the body more sweat.

So, in this study, researchers looked at the waking habits of 36 men and 24 women in two different trial trials.

In the first part, participants were asked to complete light cycling exercises at 27 degrees Celsius with a humidity of 36% for 45 minutes.

In the second part they are cycling under the same conditions at moderate intensity.

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Interestingly, researchers have found that sex has not defined how much you are sweating, but the shape and size of the body that affects them.

In other words, this does not mean that people care more because they are men, but because of their greater shape and size.

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