His son dies, Mantu Wiranto is in Kendari: Okezone News

KARANGANYAR – The body of Achada Daniyal Alfatiha, son of Lia Wiranto and Abdi Setiawan, was buried at a family cemetery, Delingan suburb, Karanganyar, central Java, on Friday (11/16/2018). But the grief still surrounded the family that remained.

Though he felt very lost, Abdi Setiawan tried to be strong. Abdi Setiawan's magnificence and sincerity was also seen when wearing the body of Ahmad Daniyal Alfatiha.

To Okezon, Abdi Setiawan said the baby died before slipping into the pool. And when the incident happened, he was out of town in the city of Kendari for a matter.

"Until the final afternoon, I received this sad news," he explained after the funeral on Friday (11/16/2018).


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When a sad news was received, he had to return to Jakarta immediately. Of course, you suddenly get a ticket, it's not an easy thing.

But the provisions of Allah SWT were all made easier. Thanks to the help of colleagues from Kendari in the short term, tickets are available.

"Thank God, tickets can be made available with friends (Kendari), so I can immediately return to Jakarta," he said.

Though heavy, but Abdi Setiawan and his wife and family must be honest. He himself realized that God had taken over his property, which was entrusted to his servant.

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Fateful provisions must be adopted. That every soul will surely experience death. Including his son who died before drowning.

"And those who drowned were tortured (including Achmad Daniyal Alfatiha)," he said.


As is well known, Mother Amelie Sianti looks very devastated, her youngest son of 7 siblings is called to face the power at an early age. According to him, the feeling of losing weight and that is a natural thing.

"He only loses his mourning friend, loses only JT 610, Indonesia mourns and loses children, a natural thing, and Achmad Daniyal Alfatih, according to God's provisions, with us only within 1 year 4 months," he concluded


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