Juventus goalkeeper reveals the whisper of Ronald before Higuain's punishment

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – Goalkeeper Juventus Wojciech Szczesny revealed a whisper Cristiano Ronaldo to him sometimes before AC Milan shooter Gonzalo Higuain punishment.

Higuain became a penalty punter after breaking an old lady's player in a penalty box after 40 minutes. At that time it was still 1-0 to Juve's advantage thanks to Mario Mandzukic.

For a moment before the fine, Ronaldo seemed to whisper something to Szczesny. The Polish National Team goalkeeper also revealed that the whisper was a leak toward the Higuain kick, which Ronaldo understood very well.

Szczesny himself hit Higuain into the kick, so the ball departed and followed the right position on Juventus.

"Ronaldo told me to move first for Pipita [Higuain] try to kick a tight ball, but then I know it. "

"I know that Higuain will kick a tight and small punishment, so I feel lucky," said Szczesny Sky Sports, who quoted Mirror.

Juventus goalkeeper reveals the whisper of Ronald before Higuain's punishmentWojciech Szczesny could have scored from Gonzalo Higuain who headed it clear with a spectacular block. (REUTERS / Alberto Lingria)

Ronaldo contributed 81 minutes into the goal and helped Juventus win a 2-0 victory against AC Milan at the San Siro stadium in Serie A Serie A on Sunday (11/11).
It is ironic that Gonzalo Higuain, who borrowed Milan from Juventus, received a red card or a second yellow card shortly after Ronaldo.

His defeat of Benata took the lead 83 minutes in, but the referee gave the foul. He had Higuain's ambition to score against Juve.

Szczesny stated that the victory of an old lady could be achieved because it was in line with the strategy proposed by team team team Massimilian Allegrim.

"We recorded fast, then slowed down and set the game as planned," Szczesny explained. (bac)

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