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KPU uncovered 49 former candidates for corruption in 2019

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – General Electoral Commission (KPU) showed that there were 49 people Cto all legislators he 2019 Options who is the former case of a conviction for corruption. The number is divided into 12 national political parties.

"There are 49 candidates who have been convicted of corruption in the elections by 2019. This article reads Article 182 of Act No. 7 of 2017, which requires the former legislature to publish its status publicly," said KPU Commissioner Ilham Saputra at a press conference of the KPU. , Jakarta, Wednesday (1/30).

Ilham specifies that 9 former candidates for corruption are DPD candidates, 16 provincial candidates for the DPRD, and 24 other Regency / City DPRDs. Meanwhile, candidates for legislation are not listed as ex-corruption.

Furthermore, Ilham said the Golkar side was the party with the highest number of former candidates, nine. Then followed Gerindr's side with six former corrupt candidates.

Then there was Hanura's party with five people, four Democrats, four working groups and four people. In addition, Garuda Party was two people, two PKPI people, two Perindo people, one PDIP, one UN and one PKP.

"There are four parties that do not (ex-corruptor) side Nasdem, PKB, then PSI and other PPPs," Ilham said.

He emphasized this announcement to fulfill the Community right to know the candidate they chose. Ilham said KPU also plans to publish a list of former candidates in the near future.

This data will be displayed on KPU's official website, and Ilham also said there is a plan to display the data in the polling station.

"We will consider it later. We are considering joining our PKPU because it has to be legalized," he said. (DHF / FEA)

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