Luna Maya find a replacement Reina Barack, who is that man? – VIVA

VIVA – The news of the breakup of romance between Luna Maya and Rein Barack has long become a terrible news. Both have been in love for five years, but ended unhappily. Parental blessing is considered one of the reasons why their love is going on. Luna allegedly hit the failure of her love.

However, reportedly at this time, Luna has forgotten her past with an entrepreneur. Reportedly, Luna already has a replacement for Rein? Really? According to Luna's best friend, Melanie Ricardo, the beautiful artist has found new happiness.

"It's already Please, what are you doing after a long time. What they mean correctly well divided the way. They have been together for five years together, "said Melaney in the Mampang area in southern Jakarta on Thursday November 8, 2018.

Then the mother of two children also said that the man who is currently near Luna Maya is Indonesian.

"Indonesian people how it comes, Luna mah I do not like Caucasian, "Melaney said.

Melaney hopes that this man who is near the Luna can make his girlfriend happy. And bring Luna Maya to marriage level.

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