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Not a man, this futuristic hotel offers guests sophisticated robots! : Okezone Lifestyle

KECANGGIHAN for technologies that grow rapidly every day, it actually has the initial goal of facilitating different types of human activities.

In addition, it facilitates daily human activities. Now the name of technological advancement and at the same time it offers us different feelings of experiences, people.

For example, as a feeling of a different experience that the hotel is trying to offer, located in Hangzhou, China, Fly Zoo Hotel. This hotel is probably not a regular hotel, but a futuristic hotel of the future because it is a technological sophistication in the digital era combined with hospitality.

The first step in the room check-in process, instead of waiting for the hotel guests line, can immediately make a check-in through a sophisticated machine because they have already booked the room via the app on the smartphone. Interestingly, even for Chinese tourists, check-in can be done directly using face scanning or face recognition.

Upon check-in, guests can immediately go to the room without a key or room key. Since facial recognition options can be chosen by guests as a "room key", so when you arrive at the room door, you can live face scanning while booking and signing in as verification data and stay in line with facial photo data.

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Upon arrival in the room, hotel guests will also be spoiled by the technology called "Tmall Genie", which acts as a personal assistant 24/7 with only voice commands. For example, equipment requirements in rooms such as drinking water or towels.

Interestingly, the hotel's "officers" who deliver guests' orders directly to the front door of the room are not ordinary hotel officers. Instead of the Room Service Robot, just enter the numeric code sent to the guest smartphone, voila! Room amenities such as drinking water, towels, and even ordering meals and drinks in the hotel restaurant can be ordered immediately.

Finally, when you want to opt out of a hotel, guests no longer have to bother returning the key or waiting in the queue at the reception like most hotels in general. Instead, just luggage, and leave the hotel. Isn't it very practical?


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