Salmafina Sunan Photo together with men allegedly new beloved, Netter even strangely asked Turkish men
Salmafina Sunan once again stole the attention of social media users. Salma has recently been reportedly happy after claiming she was shot dead by a man of foreign nationality. As mentioned earlier, Salma spoke with one of her friends, who mentioned that the oldest daughter of Sunan Kalijaga had a Turkish lover.

But unlike reports, Salma portrayed another man who is increasingly surprised by the public. "I love you @salmafinasunan,"write an account @jo_ardis in the photo labels.

Do not stop there, the comment column is a fact that is not worse to confuse the public. In this post, the man who presented himself to Salma said Taqy Malik's ex-wife was ready to take her hijab.

"Psd ready to release hijab lhoo .. Aunt is upset,"said the bill @jo_ardis. Not long after, another comment appeared, responding to the statement. "Kokoo .. It's a pretty cute @ side of a relaxed hijab, the beauty is that it all will do crazy,"Comment on one of the accounts."Let it be beautiful just for your beloved husband."

This post seems to have been uploaded to your account again @ mak.kepo, successfully invite Warganet with various notes. In these contributions, many participants said they were surprised and accused Salma of easily changing partners. In addition, to ask for a lover of Salma from Turkey, there is also Warganet, who claims to have been replaced with a free discussion in the comment box.

"He said he was shot by a Turkish guy,"exciting account @ili **** id. "Hahahaha, this unstable boy is a lot of drama,"the account replied @dewi **** to.

"Lah said to the Turkish people. The guy from Turkey? There is no expression as a Turkish person of that time,"Attach an account *** *** lies. "How come I spied with comments ready to release the hijab, anyway,"added an account @lin **** isa.

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