Slim women build up in the morning to avoid breast cancer

Cindy A recent study has been conducted A scientist from the University of Bristol Explain whether women are careful get up early they are less likely to be exposed breast cancer compared to women who greet or have been late.

Retrieved from independent research, researchers analyzed data from 400,000 women who had genetic information recorded in the UK. Looking at about 450 genetic markers that have the intensity of sleep and the risk of insomnia. Scientists also explained that breast cancer was caused by alcohol or smoking.

Researchers at Bristol University require factors such as work and family to get up early and the authors believe that this incompatibility can explain some other risks. Still, scientists warn that it is yet to be proven.

"What we want to see next is the interaction between our innate preferences, who are morning or evening people, and our real behavior." Some suggest that dissonance between our social clocks and our biological clocks may expose us to the risk of the disease, "said the study's lead. Dr. Rebecca Richmond.

But that does not mean that the cancer risk is fully determined by our genetics. Because changing our behavior can reduce the amount of this risk.

This scientist supports research on the pattern of sleep that shows women working in night shifts, and those sleeping in the light have a higher risk of cancer.

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