The Ministry of Agriculture focuses on an enlarged area of ​​free swamps

The Ministry of Agriculture (Ministry of Agriculture) through the Directorate-General for Animal Breeding and Animal Health (DG PKH) will focus on areas without rabies to continue growing.

Rabies is a disease that can spread from animals to humans (zoonoses) by bite of infected animals such as dogs, cats, monkeys, raccoons and bats.

For over 3.5 years, the Ministry of Agriculture has managed to free 12 islands from rabies, including the islands of Riau (2015), Mentawai Island, Western Sumatra (2015), Enggano Island, Bengkulu (2015), Meranti Island, Riau (2015) 2016; Island of Pisang, Lampung (2016), Bangka Belitung (2017), NTB (2017), Tabuhan Island, Lampung (2018), Tarakan Island (2018) and Nunukan Island (2018). These regions have been able to track several areas that were formerly free of rabbis: Eastern Java (1997), Central Java (1997), DI Yogyakarta (1997), and DKI Jakarta (2004).

To extend the area of ​​rabies, the Ministry of Agriculture is preparing steps to prevent the spread of rabies virus. One is to provide 1.5 million doses of anti-rabies vaccine.

"We hold 1.5 million doses of antirabies vaccine with a value of Rp 35 billion.We prefer those provinces that have rabies.While areas that have been declared free of rabies must continue to strengthen immunity against endangered animals so if they are infected it comes from outside, it can be immune because it already has immunity, "PKH Directorate General I Ketut Diarmita said on Friday (11/09/2018).

According to I Ketut Diarmita, the area declared free of rabies has many advantages. Firstly, the health of the area will increase because of this disease there will be no mortality. Secondly, increasing control of the immune status of dogs and dog populations in the area is definitely under control.

Thirdly, budget research for rabies control in animals and the purchase of VARs for humans. Fourthly, the status of the region becomes safe and free of rains, so that trade, investment and the tourism industry will be more advanced. Of course, it has a positive impact on improving the regional economy.

DG PKH also calls on local authorities to actively prevent rabies, so that animals that have the potential to be a source of disease are controlled.

The community is also more and more encouraged to communicate with local authorities to avoid those affected by the disease to prevent spread.

He also appealed to the border area or entrance area of ​​both ports and airports to increase alertness.

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