The Ministry of Industry seeks to make intelligent factories a reference for industry implementation 4.0

Jakarta – The Ministry of Industry (Kemperin) carries out a selection of companies that win the sector, especially in the field of readiness to use Industrial 4.0. This is one of the stages of the Making Indonesia 4.0 implementation.

"Strategic efforts are to become a driver so other manufacturers can see the positive benefits of industry use 4.0," said Airlangga Hartarto, Minister of Industry during a working visit to PT PTB on Friday (11/16) at PT Schneider Electric Manufacturing Batam (PT SEMB).

Airlangga explains that industry 4.0 believes it provides the opportunity to revitalize the manufacturing sector to make it more efficient and produce quality products. "As a policy maker, the government will continue to facilitate the real needs of the priority industries in optimal adoption of industrial technology 4.0," he said.

Based on the initiative of Indonesia 4.0, there are five industries that will become pioneers, notably the food and beverage industry, textiles and clothing, the automotive industry, chemicals and electronics. "This production group is able to contribute 65% of total exports, then contributes 60% of GDP and 60% of the industrial workforce is in these five sectors," he said.

In the electronics industry, PT SEMB was appointed by the Ministry of Industry as a beacon for the implementation of Industry 4.0 in Indonesia, as he had plenty of experience and competence in creating intelligent factory facilities and digital transformation. "The lighthouse or champion will be a model partner and a partner in the industry dialogue for Indonesia's 4.0 industry implementation," he added.

For this reason, the Ministry of Industry and PT SEMB signed a Memorandum of Understanding on the Development and Application of Industry 4.0 as part of the implementation of Making Indonesia 4.0. The goal is to develop, improve skills and optimize the use of industrial technology by 4.0 industrial players in Indonesia.

The signing of the Memorandum of Understanding was made by the Head of the Industrial Research and Development Agency (BPPI), East Ngakan Antara and PT SEMB Vice-President Gabriel De Tissot, who witnessed the Minister of Industry and Supreme Vice President of Global Supply Chain Schneider Electric for East Asia and Japan Jim Tobojka.

According to Airlangga, cooperation with various partners involved in digital transformation, such as PT SEMB, is part of the strengthening of the Ministry of Industry policies in an effort to accelerate the deployment of Industry 4.0 in Indonesia. "Of course, to make Indonesia's big efforts of 4.0, namely, to make Indonesia the world's most powerful economies in 2030," he said.

Ngakan said that during a three-year Memorandum of Understanding, PT SEMB will be a partner of the Ministry of Industry in conducting training and advice for industrial players. In addition, the Batam factory as a model for other industrial players in Indonesia who want to learn and witness the first automation application.

"We will also be training and mentoring for Industry Transformation Manager 4.0 to train participants for one week in relation to various aspects of digital transformation that participants receive a Competency Certificate or a feasibility to implement industry 4.0," he explained.

Meanwhile, Gabriel De Tissot admitted that his party was very proud to have worked with the Ministry of Industry to become the industrial beacon industry in Indonesia 4.0 and counted as one of the leading companies in Batam. "The digital transformation we are presenting at our Batam factories uses EcoStruxture ™ and other Industry 4.0 applications to monitor performance in every part," he said.

At PT SEMB in Batam, more than 2,900 employees work in three intelligent factories that produce a range of products (suppliers, relays, speed converters, sensors, circuit breakers, electronic boards) that are distributed not only in the domestic market but also in Europe, North America, China, India and the Asia Pacific region.

The intelligent Factory of Schneider Electric in Batam is part of Schneider Electric's global digital transformation. Until today, Schneider Electric has 6 manufacturing plants worldwide, including Batam. Other factories of Smart Schneider Electric are located in China, France, the Philippines, North America and India.


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