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NUMBERS the incidence of breast cancer in Indonesia is increasing. Based on data from Globocanu 2018, up to 42% of women's deaths are due to breast cancer. One of the things underlying this condition is that many patients come to an advanced stage physician, so the rate of return also decreases.

In fact, although the incidence of breast cancer is relatively high, the rate of return is also high. "Breast cancer is actually something that is easily detected because it's out there, it's a bit different from invisible cervical cancer or nasopharyngeal cancer or lung cancer, so if you do your own breast examination it can be detected soon," said prof. . dr. H. Abdul Kadir, PhD., Sp. THT-KL (K), MARS as chairwoman of the Association of Indonesian Vertical Hospitals (ARVI).

Met Okezon in a seminar on law and health: protection of patients' rights with women's cancer on quality access to health services at the age of JKN, held on Thursday (11/08/2018) by Gedung Sujudi, Ministry of Health, Jakarta, prof. . Abdul added that early detection may cause faster treatment.

"The problem is that we have to educate the public when we find the symptoms of cancer, then they do not come to the duck, they do not come to the doctor, they do not come to people who are not their medical staff but come to the hospital to prove that it is cancer or not, "he explained.

Breast cancer

On the other hand, prof. Abdul also explained that the high incidence of breast cancer in women was also due to mutations in genes and chromosomes that caused cell growth to be uncontrollable. The more the person ages and the longer he takes, the more interaction with the environment.

"Pollution, lifestyle, etc. It is an opportunity for further mutations, which will certainly cause a high incidence of cancer among older people." The older person is that the ratio of cancer is directly proportional, "said Prof. Abdul.

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He argued that early detection is needed to treat breast cancer. Especially at present, National Health Insurance (JKN), which facilitates people's healing. But prof. Abdul said the cost-effectiveness factor should be considered.

"If the community can discover it soon and immediately meet a physician, it can reduce the funding of JKN.If all people realize that they have made early detection and that they are healthy, then of course we expect that the cancer will be found in the early stages. are getting cheaper, "he said.

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He added that if breast cancer is already in the early stages, complete healing can be done surgically. "The survivor is getting higher, but the higher the stadium, the lower the survivor," prof. Abdul.


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