The price of gold is still weakening, today it has fallen by 3000 to Rp 657,000 / gram – The price of gold bars in the processing unit and the sale of PT Aneka Tambang in the Pulogadung sales center dropped by 3,000 to 657,000 Rp per gram compared to yesterday's closing of 660,000 Rp per gram. Retrieved from official website of logammulia, Friday (9/11).

Gold price in 2009 Jakarta sold in the range of 354,000 Rp to Rp 608,023 per gram. The price starts at the largest of the smallest size of half a gram and the lowest price for the largest size of 1000 grams.

While the price of Anthall Redemption or Redemption of Gold fell by 5,000 Rp to 575,000 Rp per gram compared to yesterday's day by 580,000 Rp per gram.

Price of 0.5 grams of gold IDR 354,000 (available)
Gold price 1 gram Rp 657,000 (not available)
Price of 5 grams of gold Rp. 3,112,000 (not available)
Price 50 grams of gold IDR 30 507 000 (not available)
100 grams gold Rp 60,943,000 (available)
250 grams gold Rp 15,106,000 (available)
500 grams gold IDR 304,011,000 (available)
The price of 1,000 grams of gold is 608,023,000 Rp (available).

The gold price includes 22 income tax, which is 0.9 percent. Include TIN to get a lower tax deduction of 0.45 percent.


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