The Samsung ultrasound fingerprint sensor will be on the Mid-Rage – VIVA mobile phone

VIVA – Samsung uses a fingerprint reader (finger print) ultrasound on the Galaxy S10 screen. The design of this sensor was allegedly submitted to Qualcomm.

But for new features and high technology, it's not just cell phones flagship only But also uses it mid-range smartphone owned by Samsung.

Schedule, as the page states Uber Gizmo, fingerprint technology will be on Samsung phones medium scale in 2019. Since this sensor should be available on mobile phones in 2019, Qualcomm must complete them by the end of 2018 or early next year.

This idea can encourage many customers to use sensor technology on the screen. Samsung's financial statements show that sales for lower and middle classes have declined. It could be that the planting of screen sensors for this class can distort the situation.

But Samsung must lose start Be the first to use the on-screen sensor. Because this technology is not entirely new.

Vivo himself used these sensors first. V11 Pro uses technology called Screen Touch ID and becomes the first in Indonesia to use fingerprints on the screen.

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