The world of medicine has already been tested by artificial intelligence

Some areas should benefit from an artificial intelligence application or Artificial Intelligence (AI).

One of them is medicine. Artificial intelligence is called the ability to analyze a large amount of data that allows doctors to study, diagnose, and prevent illness.

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The latest, as quoted from World Economic ForumOn Wednesday (11/07/2018), this technology is considered to be able to diagnose Alzheimer's disease earlier.

This is possible thanks to the use of machine learning, which uses certain algorithms to study and process the amount of data.

Machine learning, in a simple example, is like Siri studying the user's voice, and Facebook predicts what type of content the user likes.

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To this end, scientists used a multilayer clustering algorithm to analyze a large amount of data that was taken from the Alzheimer's Neuroimaging Initiative study.

Data come from cognitive, brain and spinal scan. The study included 562 people who had mild cognitive impairment. []


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