There are 7 wonderful places in the world, they feel like another planet

SRIPOKU.COM – In this world, there are plenty of places that look beautiful and amazing as humans have created and naturally created.

It's so great that there are several places on the ground that make it that it's nothing country, but rather like on other planets.

Maybe if you see it right now, you can just feel it.

Where are these amazing places? See the following list 7:

1. Rainbow Mountains, Gansu Province, China

Mount Pelangi in China
Mount Pelangi in China (Tribun Kaltim)

These mountains occur because of their location in a volcanic chain that runs along the edge of tectonic plates of South America and Nazca.

These different colors show that the mountain is rich in rare minerals.

2. Door from Hell in Derwez, Turkmenistan

Hell door
Doors to Hell in Derweze (Jogja Tribune)

Geologists initially burned a hole to prevent the spread of methane gas. The fire probably was not extinct since 1971.

3. Marble cave, Chile

Marble caves in Chile
Cave of Marble Sea Chile (Blog Reservation)

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