These ants decorate Nest with the enemy's skull

TRIBUNMANADO.CO.ID – Florida Ants (Formica archboldii) He has been the subject of research for over 60 years.

Because it was declared an independent species in 1958, scientists discovered a lot of unique things, including the habit of decorating the nest with the skulls of enemies.

The skull found in this ants comes from a trap or ants Odontomachus.

This species is known as a malignant predator and is not an easy opponent for other ants.

That's why scientists are also speculating F archboldi they only occupy abandoned traps of caught ant.

But there are more speculations that call it F archboldi can be a predator who specializes in hunting Odontomachus.

The mystery finally came to light when Adrian Smith, a scientist at the State University of North Carolina, studied F ant archdiot ant.

"This is a study that has emerged from reading observations in 60-year research papers, perhaps the ant's head is no accident in Formica's nest, and biological facts are interesting behind this record of natural history," Smith said. Friday (11.11.2018).

Using a time-limited video, Smith found that F archboldi ants can actually kill trapped ants. More stunning, F archboldi capable of mimicking the strategy of captured ants and spraying formic acid.

"Scientifically surprising findings from this study are that ants can chemically mimic the chemical profiles of two species of captured ants," said Smith, whose research was published in the Sociaux Insectes magazine, "it's very unusual that species of ants have many chemical changes.

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