These are the benefits of celery juice for health

JAKARTA ( – Celery is probably only used as a decoration
only for cooking. But recently, there has been a trend towards juice
celery, which has many health benefits.

"In fact, celery juice is very healthy," said Amy Shapiro,
R.D., from Real Nutrition. Retrieved from female health, benefits of celery juice
it's real, like the following.

1. Hydra the body

Celery juice can be useful to keep your body hydrated
good It's because all celery has ingredients
enough water to get enough fluids
if you consume the celery juice.

Reduce flatulence

One or two cups of celery juice every day can help if you feel
bad for your stomach. "Some celery benefits can work
gained when you meet your swollen stomach, "Shapiro said
added that because celery is a natural diuretic, it would be
release water retention while maintaining hydrated water.

3. rich in antioxidants

"Celery also contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, ie nutrition
contained in it will help you feel better and help
to fight the disease, "Shapiro said, and according to Shapiro, who made the celery
because juice is a better choice than eating

4. Magnesium source

Shapiro noted that celery is rich in magnesium
improves muscle health, digestion and improves the quality of sleep.

"Celery is also rich in nitrates that can help to dilute blood vessels,
improve blood circulation and reduce blood pressure in those who
"he said. In addition, celery has anti-inflammatory properties
which improves intestinal health and regulates digestion.


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