Vicky Prasetyo resigns to his household with Angel Lelga really ends

Report from Journalist, Bay Indra Permana

TRIBUNNEWS.COM, JAKARTA – Vicky Prasetyo said he later resigned to the fate of his family.

"Children, mothers, fathers, wives belong to God, I have to be ready to recite if God wants to marry," said Vicky Prasetyo when he met at the South Jakarta Referendum on Thursday (11/08/2018)

He was honest if he later had to completely separate himself from Angel Lelga.

"I sincerely thank Insha Allah, regardless of the decision, if it is too late, we will not be able to negotiate the fate that God has introduced," he added.

For him, it is most important that he has done the best for the integrity of his household.

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"One thing I've been trying for as much as possible if our soul mate gets here, what is important is that I and the man told me that my household is as much as possible," he explained.

The divorce process of Vicky and Angel began to enter a new phase.

After the mediation, both were declared unsuccessful because Angel Lelga did not take part after three summons.

The household, who was only eight months old, threatens to flee to a South Jakarta religious court.

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