5 reasons to buy a new Samsung QLED 8K TV

You are a handkerchief reader, so you know that 4K refers to a greatly resolved picture on most of the latest TVs. You will know that 8K is another step change and is already here. With the remarkable Samsung QLED 8K, it's here. Waiting is over.

So, should you buy one, and if so, why?

1. The finest and most realistic picture

You have never seen anything like that. Where Full HD surprised us all when it came and the 4K results added even more convincing and attractive, 8K goes much further. The resolution is four times greater than the 4K resolution because it has double the number of pixels horizontally and vertically. That's 16 times the Full HD resolution. When there are so many pixels, over 33 million because you ask, it means you can sit closer to the TV without seeing the points that make up the picture. This is an experience that is absolutely delightful, takes up more of your field of view and fully teaches you.

2. Upscaling means you now see benefits

But there are no programs in the 8K program, you can say. This is true, and that would be a problem, but the fact that this TV can contain upscale quite errorless. It can contain 4K content, or even HD programming, up to 8K. This is because it uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to analyze images, improve detail and sharp edges up to 8K. And that can do without reducing the picture noise. Colors look sharply and rich while they are still realistic and faithful. This is the game changer.

Samsung5 Reasons to Buy a New Samsung Qled 8k Tv Picture 3

3. It's intelligent television

Not only a smart TV, it is an intelligent device thanks to the built-in super-powerful Samsung Quantum Processor 8K. It responds to the brightness of the room light and reacts automatically so it is never too weak or too strong. The processor is able to start a Samsung voice assistant, so you can talk to the TV by pressing the microphone button on the remote control. Ask him to choose a channel, recommend something you might like, or run an app like YouTube.

4. The Samsung QLED 8K TV can easily connect to your home

This is because it has something called Ambient Mode, which, if you have a compatible Android or IOS device and your texture on the wall is not unusual, uses smart technology to connect with the environment. This is done by measuring the light in the room and modulating the brightness of the TV, depending on the fact that it is capable of soft effects, even if it is not watching programs. So, by pressing, you can choose what the TV will look like from the landscape, such as painting, information display, or even photos. You can choose your personal photos as wallpaper or use it to mix what's on the wall screen so it almost disappears because it matches the wall color, for example. You will never have to look at the black arcade!

Samsung5 Reasons to Buy a New Samsung Qled 8k Tv Picture 2

5. It's the only television that does it all

Only Samsung makes 8K TV. Only Samsung uses QLED technology, an advanced television image technology that is much brighter than OLED technology. It has a great contrast and deep black color, even if you are watching in a well-lit room. And all this is located in a beautiful, slender frame that is stylish and appealing. With 8K, in this clear and gentle QLED, you can experience a more realistic and enjoyable TV that looks great in every setting.

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