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Android BlackBerry will also disappear soon

With all the talks about LG, HTC, and Sony phone companies, one brand is in trouble, which was seemingly ignored. To be fair, BlackBerry has long abandoned its TCL phone business, but its name is still used in Android circles. The last news we heard from her wasn't good because BlackBerry Messenger announced it was leaving. It won't be at least the least, because other BlackBerry Android apps are also supposed to be gone into the sun.

BlackBerry no longer has to make phones, but its focus on its software products. Most of these applications have been designed with regard to business users and business settings. Even the BBM, which was in one place believed to be Android Android's answer to Apple iMessage, is mostly used in these environments because of their security and privacy features.

In fact, the company has a set of Android apps for this purpose, but their number seems to be shrinking. According to the life cycle of the company's support, some of these applications should end by the end of their lives by June 30 this year. This means that all developments, including bug fixes and customer support, will end.

Most Android users are unlikely to hear about applications such as productivity Tab, Power Center, Notable, and Device Search because they have been limited to BB phones and customers. However, within the BlackBerry circle, some of these names bring some weight, and it may be surprising to see them retired.

The bigger consequence is that the company could liquidate what it left behind. With no new BlackBerry phone that is called, and even fewer applications to satisfy customers, it could only be a matter of time before BlackBerry becomes a mere note in your smartphone's history.

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