California Filming – Ashton Kutcher says she is lucky to be alive after Mila Kunas's wife was born in a bar where 12 people were massacred

ASHTON Kutcher said he was lucky to be alive after celebrating his 40th birthday in a California bar where 12 people were shot.

An example of the star revealed by Mila Kunis has arranged a party in Borderline Bar & Grill, where former Marine Ian Long shot on Wednesday.

    Ashton Kutcher said he was

Rex function

Ashton Kutcher said he was "happy to be alive"

The injured former Long Gun machine, aged 28, attacked the bar to release hail bullets during the two and a half minutes of killing before turning to its high-performance weapon.

After shooting, Kutcher wrote on Twitter about the event that Joshua Kushner, who recently married supermodel Karel Kloss, was among the guests at the bar in Thousand Oaks.

"My wife made me happy with a birthday celebration on the border this year, just because we are alive, the shooter chose another night.

    Borderline Bar & Grill was a scene for mass shooting

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Borderline Bar & Grill was a scene for mass shooting

"My heart goes to the victims, I'll tell it again … Gun reform now! Politicians have to stop being a dollar and protecting people!"

The actor, who owns weapons, also called on the US government to reform weapons laws.

He asked the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives to request a status check, especially mental health records, before issuing firearms licenses.

"I grew up like a hunter, I worked in a club with a gun that pulled traps," he said.

"No one accepts your weapons!" Gun reform !!!!! Let it be a test, your voter does not want to die when he goes to church, concert or bar!

"The BS rhetoric around arming more people to protect others is just what, BS! Armed people were killed last night!" Gun Reform now! "

    Anxious ex-Marine killed 12 people in the bar

AP: Associated Press

Anxious ex-Marine killed 12 people in the bar

He also called on Donald Trump, Democratic Leader of the House of Nancy Pelosi, Senator Nebraska Ben Sass and New Jersey Senator Cory Booker to call on them to improve arms control and mental health.

After firing from Las Vegas, Kutcher was enthusiastic about gun control

"I have never thought of weapons as a weapon or connected with my own protection, I have always thought about them in relation to target practice and hunting," he wrote on the A Plus website.

"But now it's changing, I understand the taste and desire to own a weapon for sports, hunting or self-defense.

"Even after I had children, I felt more willing to own a weapon in the desire to protect them.

"But also let us know where we are: this country has a huge problem, the epidemic of gun violence that we have to deal with."

Officials said the former Long died after a single injury after a fire change with a police bar, which is a 40 minute drive from Los Angeles.

He lived in the Newbury Park, about five miles from the bar and was a former student of California State University Northridge.

Authorities hope that home search will provide a trace of the theme.

His neighbors said Long was a veteran sufferer of post-traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD).

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