Emily Ratajkowski revealed all the things she found in her "Boob Crack" The "Busy Tonight"

On Wednesday, model Emily Ratajkowski set off with her hostess Busy Philipps Busy tonight to talk about a number of different topics, including feminism and the objects she took out of her fission, or "boob crack", she announced Daily Mail.

Ratajkowski, who became famous after playing Robin Thicke's music video on Blurred Lines, is known to be a semi-naked and reveals photos in his Instagram account and is open to feminists. She began by discussing her acceptance of feminism with a talk show host.

Ratajkowski revealed to Philipps that she had become a feminist when she started developing her breasts.

"It all started with my breasts, I grew up very soon, sometimes I feel good and I want to feel alone, it's about love, and the positivity of the body is important."

Philipps, who played Audrey Liddell Dawson Creek and played in I feel beautiful with Ratajkowski and actress-comedian Amy Schumer, went to ask the model what items she found in her "crack crack."

Ratajkowski replied: "Cruel and also changing as a random penny. Do not I use pennies as if I last paid the penny?"

They also discussed the secret marriage of the model with Sebastian Bear-McClard, which took place in February this year. Ratajkowski shocked her fans when she announced she was married to a Holy Instagram in a secret wedding. While the two were friends for several years, they were only romantically involved for a short time before knotting the knot.

"We've learned a long time ago and liked a joke like," Yeah, everybody thinks we're getting married soon, but you've been trying me for two years, so … "

However, when Philipps suggested that two years had come to a sudden realization after years of friendship and immediately fell in love, Ratajkowski rejected that idea.

"Women always you know, come on – what? I'm glad who will suddenly change the way they look at someone? No, I've always been glad, all right, he probably should not go with the guy himself. And then, another thing, I'm in the courtroom. "

Ratajkowski's new film called welcome home will be available on video-on-demand on November 12 and released in selected theaters on November 16th. In the movie, the star model alongside Aaron Paul as a couple is trying to repair their broken relationship in a holiday home in Italy. But soon they realize that the owner has mysterious plans for them.

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