Glen Hansard explains where the spirit of Apollo House comes from

Glen Hansard appeared last night at a late late evening performance and told Ryan Tubridy about the Apollo House movement.

He explained that he personally became more aware of the crisis of Irish homeless.

He said, "Sit with your friends, talk about these things, or just walk around Dublin and see more and more people on the streets, and you have to go through the people and you have to make this terrible decision not to do it.

"I made Christmas concerts and storms, but I realized it was not enough."

Hansard then explained where the spirit of Apollo House came into being.

He said, "There is the Irish word" meitheal, "which in fact does not have a direct translation, but it is more a gathering.

"If you get to the John-joe, the village people assemble and help build John-Joe's shed back, which is some sort of transaction, but it's never required to fix something that does not seem fixed."

You can hear it as explained to Ryan in the video below.

Staying with the Irish housing crisis, Ryan then had a panel talking about a rental crisis in the country.

He had room to improve Dermot Bannon's hosting, Karl Deeter of Irish mortgage brokers, and Linda Daly, editor of the Sunday Times homeowner, Move, on the panel.

Mr. Deeter has explained three classic ways to become wealthy in Ireland, and why younger generations give up hope that they will sometimes have a home.

He said: "They do other things with money, appreciate more experience."

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