He burned a candidate for the department to make sure Karren Brady was wrong

Disciple (Jim Marks / BBC)
Disciple (Jim Marks / BBC)

The newest candidate to be released from The Apprentice said he would now play the acting career to prove that Baroness Karren Brady was wrong about him.

Kurran Pooni received a boot from Lord Alan Sugar after losing his advertising job in which he led a disastrous playground for the airline's budget.

However, a graduate lawyer, 22, is stubborn that he will continue to do "something epic".

Kurran Pooni (Jim Marks / Boundless / Taylor Herring / BBC)

Pooni told the press association: "I think (Lord Sugar) sees in me the potential to continue and to do great things, I really do."

They asked why the business mogul did not keep him in the competition. Pooni replied, "These great things do not necessarily involve him."

He said: "I have this game, I understand he had to burn me, so I blinked at him before I went because that's okay, he just did it quickly and painlessly.

"Come here, I have fun here and I'm out, it's for me.

"You have to understand that it's a TV show and an entertainment show and he kept me so long and now it's time to go and I'm fine with that."

Pooni added that he was determined to prove Baroness Brady was wrong after criticizing his comic acting skills in the second week of the show.

Project Manager Kurran Takes Up Aircraft Adaptation (BBC)

He said, "My next step is to show everyone that I can act. Actually, I got on a Karren cassette saying at the end of my comic task that it's quite clear I can not act so my life's aim is to prove it wrong and when I win my first Oscar, I play the tape.

"I can act, and if for the show we will have the actor who can not act and can not on the pitch, I'm cool, but out of the show I control what I do, I control what role I will have in the theater, TV series or film and you epic.

"Another goal is to seek representation through the agency, hopefully getting into someone's books really well. I do not think there will be anyone in their books who can offer what I can offer, really, and I hope that if they believe in the vision I have, we can continue and do great things.

"I think how I look, talk, act and communicate is quite rare, and I think my acting is good enough to get me a good production."

Pooni said that the amount of money to invest in the winning textbook was influenced by the show.

He said: "Over the years, the show had to fit in. Ten years ago, £ 250,000 was a lot of money, today it is not as far as it was 10 years ago, so I think the show is now just like the audience can escape , laughing and making fun of the candidates because they are looking for investment. "

But he said he was worth the advertisement he had created for his airline JetPop, who was concerned by the experts and said: "With commercials and whatever is creative, whether art, music, people make up different opinions and you can have one guy here looks at something and says, "That's amazing," and another buddy says the opposite.

"So on this occasion, Lord Sugar did not like the ad, but I found a room full of people doing it.

"I stand at the advertising, I really do, and I think so.

"It's my baby, it's my passionate project right there."


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