How Virgin Voyages plans to change the boat trip

Dana Nilandová
CJ contributor

Richard Branson's new cruise line, Virgin Voyages, revealed a first glance at its culinary offer – and its plans to change dining experience on board.

With a total of more than 20 dining options aboard Virgin Voyages' first ship, Scarlet Lady, the company has released new designs for its restaurants, coastal lounges and informal restaurants.

"We want our restaurants to offer our sailors exciting experiences, so we set out on a mission to capture the spirit of food in the world's best cities and bring it to the sea," said Tom McAlpin, President and Chief Executive Officer for Virgin Voyages. "Because food is fuel for our body and soul, and we are Virgin Voyages, naturally it has to be included in the ticket price."

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The brand "does not believe in paying more for a great meal" and exhausts the traditional food premiums at specialty restaurants at sea.

This is a departure from most of the industry where some fine dining needs require an extra charge.

Virgin Voyages suggested that all foods on board would be custom-made and therefore decided to include all the food on the menu.

Virgin Voyages The "Rebellious Luxe" experience is rooted in modern cruising romance: a new take on the ocean liner flourishing when boats were at the forefront of technology and luxury.

Scarlet Lady will sail from PortMiami for the 2020 season with 2,770 sailors and 1,131 crew on the way to the Caribbean that will include stops in Havana on selected trips.

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"There is a Virgin twist on everything you see on board Scarlet Lady, which means there will be no boring formalities, boring buffets, and no main dining rooms. Sailors will not want to leave our boat after they experience our restaurant and taste our dishes that we will not serve until 2020, "said Branson.

Virgin Voyages aims to bring a "city-like eatin" to the sea and throw away a traditional sailing regular book, with no buffets, main dining room, no formal clothes, no assigned seating, It is important that the restaurant door is open until night , and in some cases in the early morning hours.

Virgin Voyages has expanded its Creative Collective to AvroKO Hospitality Group, AvroKO's strategic army, brand office and their own chef Brad Farmerie, which has been awarded the Michelin award.

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Farming AvroKO Hospitality Group has helped create an overall culinary programming strategy and identify culinary experts in different types of cuisine to make each of the offers.

The portfolio of AvroKO Hospitality Group includes Saxon + Parole, Genuine Liquorette and Ghost Donkey.

"When working with the Virgin Voyages team, we were inspired by some of the best dining venues around the world, but we also had to look at how the future of eating would look like to bring the most attractive restaurant concept to the sea," said Farmerie. "Every restaurant will not only serve a tasty meal, it will also have a unique atmosphere and energy that will allow them to satisfy the sailor's famine for excitement and recreation on vacation."

From experimental and dense cuisine to healthy fast-moving possibilities, on-board restaurants are ready for seafarers to realize new experiences based on the values ​​of discovery, transformation, intimate connections and the Vitamin Sea – a brand approach to the welfare of people and the planet.

Sailors can have lunch at the table or decide to enjoy a meal at the bar, which is almost all the restaurants on board, another refreshing change.

Each restaurant will be accompanied by a leading chef who "drives his kitchen with passion and nobility," says the company.

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