John McAreavey announces the birth of a baby boy with his wife Tara Brennan

John McAreavey announced the birth of his first child with his wife Tara Brennan, a baby boy named James.

Sharing big news with an adorable social media post Sunday John shared a picture of him and Tara holding a sleeping little one and looking at him devoutly.

He simply tagged the picture, “Let the adventure begin, James,” reports RSVP Live.

The couple also shared another picture of a baby boy shortly after he was born and slept soundly in a crib they had set as a profile picture for their own Instagram @jamesmcareavey account.

This is the first child for John and Tara, who have revealed that they are expecting their first child in September, when the couple posted photos from their stay in Donegal.

John posed next to the heavily pregnant Tara and marked the picture, “Great couple of days when Tara and I explored Donegal and came across!”

John and Tara met after his first wife, Michael Harte, was tragically murdered in their honeymoon hotel room in Mauritius.

They got engaged in October 2015, before tying a knot at a private wedding in front of friends and family in September 2016.

Discussing their current news with Pat Kenny about Newstalk, John said his life was good despite the devastation he had dealt with since Michael’s death.

Adorable baby James

“I think people sometimes think that when you have suffered the way I suffered, that you may have to continue to be shrouded in negative energy and you must live your life in a certain way, almost in sacrifice mode, but the reality is that life for he was very good to me, “said Pat.

John said: “I was able to find Tara and we had a beautiful relationship and now we are going to have an addition to our family and it’s just something I’m so grateful for and I’m so excited about. “

Speaking of his relationship with Tara, John continued, “He has furious protection against me. Everything she ever wanted to know if I was okay.

“It has been a journey that the two of us have had to travel over the last few years, but we are very good with each other and we are very secure with each other.

“I think we had this bubble. We are a very close group of family and friends, and that really matters. ”

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