Northern Ireland sees rising unemployment

The number of people claiming unemployment benefits in the north jumped 29,500 last month, new government statistics show.

The latest labor market report in Northern Ireland also states that over the last 12 months, the number of certified redundant workers in the north has increased by 33 percent to 2741.

Most of these job losses – 41 percent – took place in the manufacturing sector, which was higher than in the previous year, and the trend will be likely if the Ministry of Economy is informed about another 263 redundancies released since mid-October and mid-November 2018.

The NI Labor Market Report, released Tuesday, shows a rise in the North American unemployment rate to 4.1% in the last three months to September, reaching a level with the United Kingdom's total average (4.1%).

However, this was still below the EU level of 6.8 percent and the Republic's rates of 5.6 percent for August 2018.

But the percentage of people in the North who were unemployed for more than a year was 50.4%, which is "significantly higher" than the average rate of 25.5%.

Rising unemployment occurs at a time when the United Trade Union Association warns that the Camden Group in Antrim might be endangered by 80 jobs that produce and supply windows and doors to the construction industry.

UK Local Officer George Brash said: "We understand from the leadership of the Camden Group in Antrim that as a result of the sudden loss of the supply contract, up to 80 workers will be redundant.

"This represents a very substantial part of about 500 strong employees in the company and it will be a serious blow to the workers concerned. Unfortunately, United does not have formal trade union recognition in the company."

The Camden Group has not made any comments on the possibility of redundancy in Antrim operations.

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