The Amazon Alexa echo buttons now make a little more than playing the games

Amazon Echo Buttons Accessories for their intelligent Alexa speakers are now able to make things a lot more useful than playing games.

The device that was first launched in September 2017 received an update allowing people to use smart home activation buttons – which means it can serve as a button to turn on the light without using your voice.

The new option, which offers users a choice of Echo button routines, has been added to the Alexa app, the latest addition to Amazons in an intelligent house.

Amazon has recently added the Echo Sub to its subwoofer, which connects to the existing Echos and provides PA / Amazon sound support,

Playing music or announcing dinner are some of the other uses that make up for updates.

Earlier this year, Amazon announced it is releasing the Gadgets Skills API, allowing independent developers to create customized Echo buttons.

Alexa, the voice assistant for the Amazon Echo, has recently celebrated her fourth birthday with a special birthday recording by Harry Singh Michael Buble.

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