9 expert tips for a Thanksgiving trip

Bring a healthy snack

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If you have a long drive ahead, plan ahead and prepare a healthy snack to keep you on the road in safety and energy.

"Choose portable options that easily fit into an isolated bag, such as fresh produce such as grapes, apples or pears, chopped apples, peeled citrus fruits such as clementines, mandarins and oranges," Farrell said.

Kelly Hogan, a registered diet and clinical nutrition and wellness manager at Mount Sinai Dubin's breast center, points out that it is especially important to pack refreshments if you know you will not be able to stop at something or that the options are limited to fast food road links.

"Quick ideas could be peanut butter and banana sandwich, turkey sandwich with vegetables, nuts, fresh transportable fruits, butter butter, sliced ​​vegetables such as carrots, celery, paprika with humus, cheese and yogurt," said Hogan for CBS News .

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