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A flight carrying orthodox Jewish families had measles over the gauges



Flying singer Shulem Lemmer and his family were picked up after landing at JFK Airport in New York, after it was suspected that his daughter had measles.

JetBlue Flight 410, of the Dominican Republic, landed in JFK Sunday night, according to the Daily News, citing passengers, but it was picked up after the flight attendant asked if there was a "medic" on board. After the aircraft landed, passengers were held for about two hours before they were allowed to get off.

The incident video shows Lemmer holding his young daughter, with his wife and other children sitting nearby, as the daughter is examined by a person in medical equipment, and the port authority official controls family passports. Lemmer, who holds the phone, tells the officials he is trying to get his daughter's medical records.

"After reports of a potential health problem on board, it was requested that flight 410 from Santo Domingo to JFK detain medical services with sufficient caution so that the customer could be investigated. All customers were checked in and the flight was shut down normally, "a JetBlue spokesman said in a written statement.

The word "measles" has never been used. But it is believed that measles were the cause of this fear, as several Orthodox Jewish communities in the New York area are experiencing measles.

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