Four Palestinians wounded in the march of Kafr Qaddum

QALQILIYA – At least four Palestinians were injured by bullets, while dozens of others suffered from tear gas because Israeli forces suppressed Kafr Qaddum's weekend march in northern Qalqiliya on Friday afternoon.Local Party Coordinator Kafr Qaddum, Murad Ishteiwi, said this march kicked off this week to the 14th anniversary of the late Palestinian president's death, Yasser Arafat.

He added that Israeli troops invaded Kafr Qaddum, went out on the roofs of their houses and showering protestors steel bullets coated with rubber and canisters with tear gas.

Ishteiwi pointed out that dozens of protesters suffered inhalation of tear gas, including Minister Walid Assaf, the head of the National Committee, which resists walls and settlements.

Palestinian youths and Israeli soldiers struggled, during which Palestinians responded to Israeli bullets by rocks and empty bottles. Citizens of Kafr Qaddum began weekly protests against Israeli lands in 2011 and closing the southern road of the village by Israeli forces. The road that has been closed for 14 years is the main road to the nearby town of Nablus, the nearest economic center. The Israeli army blocked the road after the Kedumim's illegal Israeli settlement in 2003 forced the residents of the village to take a roundabout road to go to Nablus, which extended the trip to Nablus from 15 minutes to 40 minutes, according to Israeli B & .

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