He started serving Manchester to Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv
Tel Aviv

Israeli carrier El Al announced that it is launching a direct line between Tel Aviv (TLV / LLBG) and Manchester (MAN / EGCC).

Triple weekly traffic will be operated by Boeing 737-800 and fly on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from May 29, 2019.

Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv is located between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem and offers great access to both cities with various holiday experiences. Tel Aviv with busy cities and golden beaches and Jerusalem as a city immersed in history and sacred to three religions: Judaism, Islam and Christianity.

El Al is a full-service airline offering economic and business cabs, and new route prices start at just £ 199.

Mr. Yariv Levin, Israeli Tourism Minister, said: "We are delighted that El Al will open the flight route from Manchester to Tel Aviv." With more carriers flying to Israel, it is clear that there is a growing demand for our country and we are looking forward to showing in 2019, what we have to offer visitors. "

Julian Carr, aviation director at Manchester Airport, said: "We are delighted to welcome El Al to Manchester Airport with flights to Tel Aviv, and will offer 22 million passengers in our vast catchment area with more choice and accessibility to this part of the world, and I'm sure it will be very popular and looking forward to flights to be launched next year. "

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