Olive trees sabotage posters Palestinians | News, Middle East

Palestinian farmer Mahmoud Abu Shinar will explore two rows of cut olive trees, which are said to have become a sadly known sight. He did not see who was carrying a chain saw at night, but accused the people of an Israeli settlement, which is a few hundred meters away.

Some of these incidents are seen as attempts to avenge Palestinian attacks on Israelis, even if they were not thinking about the farmer concerned.

More than 7,000 Palestinian trees were vandalized this year, according to the UN.

Just 10 meters away is a deserted house jagged with Hebrew graffiti, while the Israeli settlement of Har Brahha is over the hills.

Farmers said that settlers settled two days earlier and damaged the trees.

that the British woman, Caroline, who refused to give her full name, said she is 10 years old every year to work with the Palestinian communities in the vicinity of "particularly difficult settlements".

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