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PA prevents West Bank, patients in Gaza from receiving treatment in Israel

The Palestinian Authority has ceased to send patients in the West Bank and Gaza Strip to Israeli medical facilities following the financial difficulties that arose after Israel decided to deduct half a billion tax shekels collected on behalf of PA due to its continued payment terrorists. salaries.

Around 3,500 Palestinians from the West Bank and several dozen from the Gaza Strip are sent every year to medical care in Israel. Some health facilities lacking the West Bank can be found in East Jerusalem institutions, while cancer patients and others with more complicated health problems must be sent to Israeli hospitals that have more advanced facilities.

For example, radiation for cancer patients is only available in East Jerusalem for West Bank residents; PET-CT, an essential tool for cancer diagnosis, is completely missing in the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, and must be carried out in Israel.

Child Cancer Patient in Gaza Hospital (Photo: EPA)

Child Cancer Patient in Gaza Hospital (Photo: EPA)

Every Palestinian has the right to request medical treatment in Israel under conditions that can be presented by an Israeli medical facility and a PA document that guarantees payment. However, over the past few weeks, PA has stopped publishing both documents, and as a result, Palestinian patients have not been treated in Israeli hospitals, including hospitals in East Jerusalem.

Undocumented patients who summon them for treatment cannot be granted permission to enter Israel and are therefore left without the appropriate treatment necessary.

In response to the medical crisis, a human rights NGO criticized policies on both sides and said "patients cannot be the victims of a power struggle between Israel and the Palestinian Authority".

"Israel has to stop the tax deduction, and PA must leave patients out of this fight," the NGO said.

According to an unnamed Israeli medical worker, Palestinian patients should have been officially sent for treatment in Jordan or Egypt. "In reality, however, this will not happen and remain unresolved," he said.

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