Statue of Minister of Culture Miri Regev is now a temporary element in the Israeli National Theater Jewish Press – David Israel | 30 Heshvan 5779 – 8 November 2018

Photo credit: Kobi Gideon / Flash90

Culture Minister Miri Regev

The 15-year-long sculpture of the Miri Regev Culture Minister, standing in front of the giant mirror, was announced Thursday morning in Tel Aviv's cultural square in front of Habima National Theater, with the inscription "In the Heart of the Nation."

The artist decided to remain anonymous, far.

In recent months, Regev has provoked outrage at the Israeli cultural community with a so-called "loyalty in culture law" that would allow it to remove or reduce state subsidies to cultural institutions on the basis of a number of criteria, including ideological ones, with the emphasis on starving "subversive" artworks .

This week, the Knesset approved the loyalty account in the pre-reading after having passed the Legislative Committee for the Ministry.

When she first presented her bill, Regev wrote on her Facebook page: "How can an artist be separate from reality? Israel is a democracy with individual rights, civil rights, moral sensitivity, activist tribunal, free media, and simply one of the transnational countries. independent art [community], whose only golden honey is hatred for Netanyahu. "

This last row is a little inconsistent and contains an unclear reference to the golden statue of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who was placed two years ago at Rabin Square.

The artist behind Netanyahu's work, Itai Zlayet, stated that the location of the statue was just the beginning of a series of artistic events:

"The goal is to explore the boundaries of freedom of expression in 2016 Israel – what happens when I bring such a statue?" "Sanctions, such as my arrest, follow or simply remove it?"

They just removed it.

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