? "Quinta bolgia": politics and "ndrangheta, 24 ordinanze. Former MP Galati is at home

The operation of the financial police this morning led to the execution of 24 preliminary orders against administrators and entities associated with the "ndrangheta

CATANZARO – Le 24 ceremonies they were executed in Catanzaro and Lamezia Terme for items belonging to the gang & ndrangheta and public administrators. Home arrest has also endedformer Member Giuseppe Galati and seizure of assets worth EUR 10 million was made as part of the operation.

Soldiers of the financial police financial police in Catanzaro, coordinated and managed by the Public Prosecutor's Office – Dda di Catanzaro, with the support of SCICO in Rome, have taken 24 interim measures (12 in prison and 12 in home jail) and confiscation of property to value ten million euros.

Details of the operation "Quinta bolgia" will be illustrated by Republican Prosecutor Nicola Gratteri, Deputy Prosecutor Dr. Vincenzo Capomolla, Catanzaro Provincial Commander Davide Rametta and SCICO Commander in Rome Alessandro Barber at 11:00 at the headquarters of the Provincial Guardia di Finanza in Catanzaro.

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