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3 Italia is finally launching a Giga Unlimited offer at € 14.99 per month

3Cube Giga Unlimited

3 Italy He decided to rebuild the great internet offer for those areas of Italy where the optical network or the ADSL fixed network will not arrive. 3Cube Giga Unlimited this is the tariff name, it provides a rechargeable SIM card only for data connection unlimited internet on EUR 14.99 per month, The offer can be activated by all new and already 3 customers, but only in some cities where the landline does not arrive home.

3Cube Giga Unlimited provides a debit on a current account or credit card and has a 30-month contractual obligation. According to rumors it should provide activation costs of 9 euros for promotion as it comes in combination with the last modem offer sold by the operator: let's talk about WebCube4 4G LTE (signed Huawei) with advance 0 euros,

3 Italia launches Giga Unlimited offer at € 14.99 per month

Reference areas that the Internet has not reached on a fixed line, t based on the official 3 Italia site located in the provinces: Ascoli Piceno, Arezzo, Asti, Bergamo, Biella, Brindisi, Bolzano, Caserta, Caltanissetta, Como, Cosenza, Florence, Grosseto, Macera, Milan, Modena, Naples, Padua, Pisa, Prato, Treviso, Varese, Vercelli, Venice , Vicenza and Verona.

In the case of a bid in a municipality other than a subscription, the customer is notified of non-compliance with the terms of use of the offer loses the right to use the rate 3Cube Giga Unlimited. Promotion was born for these areas "digital divide"Where the Internet is not home coverage."

For this reason, 3 Italia will ensure that it tells the customer that it will have a fiber in its neighborhood.

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