According to the report – spent PS5 much more money on advertising than the Xbox

According to the report MediaRadar, Sony has spent much more money for advertising launch PS5 compared to how much Microsoft spent Xbox Series X.. We are also not talking about a minimal difference, but even a triple!

Specifically, Microsoft would spend approximately $ 5 million on advertising for the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S Sony reached a remarkable figure $ 15 million show your PS5 to the public.

NintendoAlthough the new console is not coming out, it has increased its advertising spending by 138% between November 2 and November 15, 2020, compared to the previous two weeks. Overall, this period was one of the busiest for the gaming industry in terms of advertising in 2020, with a total expenditure of $ 45 million, which is 80% more than last year. Data were collected for print, television and digital advertising.

According to AdAge, a newspaper dedicated to marketing and data analysis, the most active period ever it was the month of April, the first month during which virtually the whole world was quarantined. Expenditures in April were $ 46.2 million for advertising: more than double 21.4 million in January.

Furthermore, the application and mobile games were less publicized this year: according to MediaRadar’s CEO and founder, the reason is that people spent less time on the road and therefore used mobile devices less often.

The ads certainly had an effect: all the PS5s are actually sold out, and finding them is now a challenge. Unfortunately, it is also the fault of the bums, who apparently recently married another 2,000.

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