Bags are recovering, expanding to 305 points –

MILANO – Bags in regeneration e spread despite the fact that Italy has not achieved a European infringement procedure for failing to comply with the debt rule because it did not change Maneuver in its base figures in 2019. Yield increases to 305 at the beginning of the day, with a ten-year bond interest rate of 3.45%.

Asian Square was closed this morning to reflect on the agreement between Brussels and London on Brexit, and after Fed's number one, Jerome Powell, assured that recent market volatility would not affect the path of the gradual rise in the American rate.

The automotive sector is in the spotlight, when the European market recorded a 7.4% drop in October and Italy was in line.

Tokyo stock exchange the sitting with two faces was silent and slightly closed. The first one is marked by a sharp decline in the morning, in line with the fourth consecutive decline in Wall Street and the appreciation of the yen against the dollar. The second is what appeared in the Asian afternoon, when stock market returns returned and the Nikkei index, which lost more than 1%, started rising again in light of the recovery in other Asian markets. Finally, the Nikkei index of 225 premier shares recorded 21,803.62 points, a decline of 0.2% (-42.8 points) and the Topix index of the main price index fell 0.14% to 1,638.97 points. China's stock markets, despite the start-up, managed to end a good-earned session after finishing the rally in the final: Shanghai + 1.36%, 2,668.17 points, Shenzhen +1.45%, at intraday highs of 1.398,40. Very well, in the square in Hong Kong, Tencent earned 30% more (nearly € 3 billion) in the quarter, which surpassed expectations.

American bag yesterday closed with banks and tech hit on sale: Dow Jones lost 0.81% and Nasdaq sold 0.9%. Still affected by Apple's sales, which lost 2.8% and are now corrected by more than 20 percentage points from the peak of early October to the Bear phase.

europounds and only on a green meadow, after the London government is fine with Prime Minister Theresa May for the soft Brexit. The European currency has changed to 1.1335 dollars and 128.71 yen. Dollar / only for 113.54 and for dollar 1.22 to 1.22.

Price for oil is still weak. The market is nervous about surplus supply. In Asian markets, futures on lightweight Wti will retreat by 30 cents to $ 55.95 and those on Brent by 7 cents to $ 66.19 a barrel.

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