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Bowel cancer, a revolutionary discovery: it's official, olive oil is an anti-cancer

Spoon a day extra virgin olive oil helps prevent and fight well intestinal tumors. To prove this, the study is supportedAIRC (Italian Association for Cancer Research) and conducted at the University of Aldo Moro in Bari, published in Gastroenterology, which proves how olive oil, rich in oleic acid, a substance capable of regulating cell proliferation, both beneficial to turn off intestinal inflammation responsible for cancer development .

The enzyme present in the colon epithelium, actually called Scd1, which acts as the major regulator of oleic acid production in our body, is enormously activated by a diet enriched with this rare component, thereby minimizing all bowel phagosis identified as responsible for benign and malignant polyps. To confirm this important research, the researchers inactivated the gene encoding Scd1, indicating that in the absence of oleic acid, we see the occurrence of colic inflammation and then the development of spontaneous tumors in the intestine; and subsequent protection against tumor formation.

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OLEIC ACID – Oleic acid is the most widely used component in most vegetable oils, especially olive oil, which must be considered as extra virgin and must have a percentage of this free substance not exceeding 0.8% of the total weight. Oleic acid is also an essential component of important biological structures such as cell membranes and lipoproteins.

The data recorded in this research is unprecedented because the intestinal anti-inflammatory action of the oleic acid molecule has never been thoroughly investigated because it was considered essential because it was synthesized by the organism itself to create barrier which blocks inflammation of intestinal cells and consequently prevents cancer. Not only that. The results of this study also recommend the consumption of extra virgin olive oil in patients with family predisposition to colon cancer, as well as those suffering from Crohn's disease or rectal colitis. ulcerative, two inflammatory bowel diseases, with a high risk of degeneration into malignancy.

SEARCH – Researchers at the Bari Health Center to confirm their studies included groups of American scientists from Toulouse (France) and Cambridge (England), and all laboratories confirmed these conclusions and crowned the extra virgin olive oil of the olive tree as a prince of Mediterranean diet and intestinal health, with a surprise highlighting that the incidence of colic neoplasms is lower than the incidence at national level in Puglia, and that life expectancy exceeds 84 years. age.

So a tablespoon of olive oil for lunch and one for dinner (except that used to flavor food) is sufficient to prevent and defend against colon cancer, and it is absolutely wrong to be expelled from our plates for dietary reasons or to lose weight because, despite being a caloric element, it is always better to have half a kilogram more weight on the sides than half a kilogram of the tumors in the abdomen.

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